Tomorrow night is my last night in the apartment I’ve had for over 4 years. Crazy.

A couple of weeks ago I stepped up to sing in front of a handful of people, my first time playing guitar in public in over a year. Wasn’t sure if I would ever do that again.

About a month ago I quit my job. The first day was a bit of a shock because I am no longer a financial professional.

The 20s are crazy. You finish school and get pitched out in to the real world through a pinball machine, bumped off of career, to the social circle point boosters, to the loop-de-loop relationships, just trying not to go down.

In 6 months I’m getting married. One woman. Forever. There will be many changes ahead. Kids, cars, net worth. But whether I stay a Web Developer or become a Circus Performer, whether we stay in San Francisco or move to Chicago, San Diego, Irvine, Moreno Valley, or Atlanta, the ring on my finger will mean that the wife will never change. All this change makes me tired so I’m sure glad that this one part stays put. Or to put it more romantically… when you’re old, sad, and wrinkly, I will still love you, honey. And that will never change.