«  Life After Death

pistevo.com has slowly become, like so many other blogs, abandonware. Its slow and painful decline was due in large part to a slow and painful decline in my will to live. The day in and day out suffering of being at a job that was slowly sucking out my soul was too much to have any desire to do anything after work other than bash my head against a wall and find a way to get the hell out. I was dying.

So after much talk of quitting my job… I quit.

This may have been the single most life giving decision I have made. Life no longer sucks. I no longer feel like stabbing myself when I arrive at work. I don’t watch the clock tick by hoping it would move faster.

So now that I got my soul back… I will write again.

I will write random things and weighty things. But mostly I will write to compete with thesesocksdontmatch.com. Because blogging is a competitive sport. And I intend to win this fight. Bring it sock lady. Pistevo lives again.

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To my 5 subscribers/followers. More regular updates are occurring over at my company blog… http://esses.us/blog.

Randomly unrelated things will still occur in this space if you’re not interested in the other link.


«  A Sharks Haiku

iceland volcano
ash cloud blocking all traffic
much like Avs' Andy

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«  Travis Pastrana + Big Wheel + Super Ramp

Is it completely immature that I think this is flippin’ awesome (harhar)?

«  The Infographic Infographic

Phil Gyford Infographic

Cheers, Phil Gyford.

«  John Gruber Gets It

John Gruber Gets It

“I don’t think Apple even dreams of a Windows-like share of the mobile market. Microsoft’s mantra was (and remains) “Windows everywhere”. Apple doesn’t want everywhere, they just want everywhere good.”

Link to Daring Fireball

«  The Definitive iPad Review (Gruber-tastic)

Grab some popcorn.  It’s a long read.

internally, the iPad looks more like a battery with a computer than a computer with a battery.”
“Apple has also added a new key to the iPad keyboard’s numeric/punctuation mode: Undo. It’s a good idea — I have the feeling most iPhone users don’t know about the system-wide shake-to-undo gesture, and even for users who do, the iPad is harder to shake (and, when docked, downright silly to shake).”
I give props to all of TWO Yankees fans in this world.  Gruber is one of them.  He may have poor taste in sports teams, but when it comes to Apple, the Daring Fireball knows what’s up.
via Daring Fireball.

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«  Blackbird Fly

On a typical training mission, we would take off near Sacramento, refuel over Nevada, accelerate into Montana, obtain high Mach over Colorado, turn right over New Mexico, speed across the Los Angeles Basin, run up the West Coast, turn right at Seattle, then return to Beale. Total flight time: two hours and 40 minutes.”

Have to get me one of these!

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«  Excessive Much?

Clearly I am not making enough money, as I still take public transportation to work.  Liberty Helicopters is beginning “shuttle” service from New Jersey to Wall Street landing pads for just $200 a day.

“Liberty Helicopters Inc. is offering to fly weary commuters from New Jersey to Manhattan for about $200 a day, saving them 14 hours in traffic a week and signaling that Wall Street may have seen the worst of the recession.

Liberty has already been approached by 150 potential clients after about a month of advertising, Patrick Day, a pilot and vice president of charter marketing…”

$70 MUNI Monthly Pass vs. $400 SF FiDi Parking + Fuel vs. ~$4000 Liberty Monthly Shuttle.  I think I’ll pass on the helicopter rides, even when I make my millions.

Source: Bloomberg

«  Vibram FiveFingers Attack SF | Day 1 : Running (Errands)

Day 1 : Running (Errands)

It could only be described as raw.  My feet hit the sidewalk and the concrete provided shock after shock up my knees as if barefoot.  Oh, wait… 

I carefully adjusted my stride to compensate for my newly found foot freedom.  Each step was taken as if I did not know how to use my body.  I pressed the remote and heard two chirps.  *CHIRP*CHIRP*  I got in the car with a slight bit of fear.  I inserted the key in to the ignition and moved my foot over the left pedal.

As a petrolhead, the connection between man and machine is at the core of my being.  I live for the control and the feeling of being at one with my steed.  I put my foot over the clutch and stepped in to it.  It then became painfully clear that Subaru engineers did not design this car for barefoot driving or that I had terribly undeveloped feet.  Probably both.

The next few minutes became the most fun I have ever had driving to the store.  As my feet became more accustomed to the return pressure of the stiff clutch I began to focus on the fun pedals.  Go and stop.  I found I could wrap my feet around the brake pedal and the Vibram FiveFingers gave new meaning to heel-toe shifting.  I could now use my real heel and my real toe.  I have never felt such amazing feedback.

Arriving at good old Trader Joe's, I tried to move as swiftly as possible, so as not to be seen in my embarrassing toe shoes.  There were points where I forgot I had them on, but then my self-conscious self would take over.  All in all it was a normal trip to the store.  Until…

Later that night I sat down to get some work done when I felt a slight soreness in my calves.  I spent no more than 10 minutes grocery shopping and yet my legs were sore.  It seems the VFFs are awakening leg muscles that have probably sat dormant for the better part of 27 years.  

It seems a trip to the store is a perfect ease in and goes with all the advice I have read about barefooting.  Ease in to it!  Don't go out expecting to run a few miles your first day with the VFFs.  You won't because you can't.   Here's to newfound leg muscles.

-barefoot steven

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