This Codex Vitae, or “book of life”, is a collection of my beliefs and concepts that inform my decisions and life. It is a constant work in progress; as my understanding changes, so too will my beliefs. The purpose of this document is to (a) gather my beliefs in to a single place where I can examine them more holistically and question them more effectively and (b) to share my beliefs and concepts with others in the hopes of better understanding me or to help others better understand themselves.

There’s a log of what I’m up to and how my beliefs are being developed here. The latest is:

Bleed American
I’m not alone because the TVs on…

Table of Contents

How to Read This Site
If you are me:
  • regularly add to this as beliefs are developed over time
  • do a monthly review of life happenings and what is shaping your beliefs
  • review this document in the new year, editing where beliefs have shifted or changed
  • expect beliefs to change and be open to it
If you are not me:
  • there’s a chance you’ll be more interested in my personal blog which is being migrated to svenchen.com
  • read this with the understanding that you are different than I am – my beliefs should not necessarily be yours
  • consider creating your own Codex Vitae and freely copy anything you find helpful


  • we can’t all be right
  • the universe and its habitants have been made with an intelligent design
  • be prompt, call if you won’t be
  • honor your commitments to others
  • put yourself in someone else’s shoes
Terrible Things: