The Sum of All Fears came out in 2002. The plot was about a neo-nazi attempting to incite nuclear war between the United States and Russia. As it turns out, truth is stranger than fiction. During his first few weeks in office Trump has:

  • withdrawn the Affordable Care Act
  • withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement
  • revived the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipeline discussions
  • ordered the construction of a wall on the Mexican border
  • ordered suspension of Syrian refugee programs for 120 days and denied entry for citizens of other countries for 90
  • and restructured the National Security Council and placed a far-right, racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic media executive on the committee. Should we be scared? You’re damn right we should be.

Donald Trump is a sociopath who cares more about his ego than he does about what is right. From the day he was inaugurated we saw a clear picture of the man he is. He is someone who thinks mainly of himself, a picture made clear by his body language around his wife, Melania. He is petty. He took it upon himself to make the size of his inauguration crowd a point of contention for his press secretary and a point of pain for the National Park Service to go figure out.

“We had a massive crowd of people. We had a crowd — I looked over that sea of people and I said to myself, ‘Wow.’ And I’ve seen crowds before. Big, big crowds. That was some crowd.”

Donald Trump has the brain of a 10 year old. The 69-year-old’s republican debate responses scored at a 4th-grade reading level. He gives Alec Baldwin so much material by repeating “very” and “great” over and over and over again. He is petty. He then goes on to call people “dummies”, “losers”, “disgusting”, and “nasty”. He brags about how great he is and I imagine given the opportunity would tell you that his dad is so much better than yours.

Donald Trump is irresponsible. His bigoted and racist statements about banning Muslims and rounding up Mexicans caused the worst in white supremacists to come out in the days after he won the election. He put his executive order on refugees and immigrants in to play without at all consulting the varying agencies he would depend on to support and enforce it. He is petty. Even after taking office, he has continued to beat the voter fraud drum, claiming he would have won the popular vote if not for immigrants voting illegally.

Donald Trump is unfit to be president. He has:

  • said a U.S.-born judge couldn’t be impartial because of his “Mexican heritage”
  • called a deaf actress “retarded” and sexually harassed her on set
  • told two 14-year-old girls, “Wow! Just think—in a couple of years, I’ll be dating you.”
  • advocated shutting down mosques
  • defended Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese Americans
  • refuses to end his conflict of interests with his family owned properties
  • doesn’t pay his bills

The more I read, the sicker I get of thinking that this man was elected to lead one of the most powerful nations in the world. It is a lead that will slowly dwindle with him at the helm. Don, I can’t wait until someone tells you, “you’re fired”.