Last month I committed to writing 500 words or committing 50 lines of code a day. In the month of January, I found that I was focusing almost solely on writing while I spent nearly all of February in my nerd happy place. I have a few non-news insights that I discovered over the last month.

I Hate Data Entry

However, while I spent over 31 hours writing in January, I only spent 6 hours and 10 minutes writing code in February. I was particularly forgetful about the timing of tasks this month, but I have to think it really only amounted to a missing hour or four. One of the most painful pieces of this was actually data entry.

I’m in the process of building a Slack App that serves as a reference for HTTP Status codes. For a lot of things in life that require data entry, there’s a way to script it and make life easy. The process of creating this app has required reading through IETF RFCs, understanding the concepts, and distilling this in to pseudo-everyday language. This has been quite taxing, but I’m almost at the finish line.

New Toys Are Fun

I have dedicated quite a few hours over the last couple of weeks setting up my new Lenovo Chromebook 13. I am actually writing this post from a Chrome tab running Ubuntu 14.04 via Crouton. I’ll have more thoughts on the trials and tribulations of going Chromebook in this space soon, but overall I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

Driving Is Still A Passion

The April 2017 issue of Grassroots Motorsports has a feature titled Is Sim Racing Real Racing?. It showcased an iRacing driver who transitioned his skills in sim racing in to a real MX-5 race car. I have been waiting for Gran Turismo Sport to come out on PS4 so that I could potentially get my FIA license, but looking at the iRacing ecosystem and how much better of a real-life track driver it could make me got a bunch of gears turning.

I wanted to determine if I could commit any amount of time to this training, so I went out to find the best came I could that didn’t require a simulation steering wheel. This came down to a battle between Assetto Corsa and the very dissimilar DIRT Rally. DIRT Rally was 50% off for a limited time so I of course immediately bought it.

This is where my time tracking would have really come in handy. I haven’t been playing all that much, but I can assure you I have played more DIRT Rally than I have spent time writing code this month. A key takeaway from all that time is that… I REALLY, REALLY need a steering wheel controller.

The Body is Weak

In January, I spent 5 hours and 22 minutes working out. In February, I spent just 28 minutes. Earlier this month I hurt my back and wasn’t ready to commit to any sort of strenuous workout. Thank goodness the majority of my 1:1s with my reports are walking 1:1s. A few days ago, I thought I was good to go and thought I would pick up my routine yesterday.

Yesterday morning I awoke with chills. I told my team I would be in around lunch and slept off most of the aches and headed in to work. Big mistake. During one of my 1:1s I blacked out and hit the deck. I was apparently out for 20 seconds in what must have been an extremely scary moment. I immediately went to One Medical (thank goodness for practically immediate appointments!) to get checked out where the PA-C hooked me up to an EKG. I also had some blood work done this morning and am hoping it was just a perfect storm of whatever is bothering my stomach and dehydration.

My sore neck and tweaked back from my collapse has reminding me how weak the body is. It’s amazing to think that we are even alive.

Looking Ahead

For the month of March, I want to commit to a few things that I made partial progress on over the past month:

  • my redesign and conversion of to be my Codex Vitae
  • the launch of
  • code completion on my HTTP Status Slack App!

I also got way out of the habit of writing and hope to keep myself to a minimum of a post a week. Thanks for reading… back to data entry I go.