For the month of March, I wanted to commit to a few things that I made partial progress on in February:

  • my redesign and conversion of to be my Codex Vitae
  • the launch of
  • code completion on my HTTP Status Slack App!

Because you’re likely reading this on the old site, you can see that I largely failed on the first two points. I did however finish my Slack App which I hope to get approved for the Slack App Directory in the next two months.

I spent half an hour drawing up a personal logo for myself, 8 hours and 25 minutes writing code, 2 hours writing, and 2 hours and 26 minutes doing weight and resistance training.


A lot of my free time in the evenings this month was actually dedicated to something I kind of hate, but dutifully do. Running. According to Runkeeper, I went on my first run since 2012 last month and I couldn’t stop there. I ran 10 times in the month of March, good for 20.7 miles with a running time coming in right at 4 hours. Yep. Pretty slow. But there was something really refreshing about going out in the night air and just moving my legs. I needed this.

A Birthday

I turned older last month and with that honor came the gift of time suckage. My wife bought me a (teeheehee) Thrustmaster T300RS and I am hard at work racing my way out of the Rookie license in iRacing. So far I’ve managed to turn a 1:43 at Laguna Seca in a Global MX-5 Cup car which seems pretty good seeing as how I run it in a 1:59 or so in real life in a car with more than twice the horsepower. I expect much more time to be spent here for the foreseeable future.

Looking Ahead

For the month of March, I’m committing to some of the same things as last month. I have a chunk of time at the airport and in Vancouver without the family coming up so hope I can burn down some of the carryovers:

  • my redesign and conversion of to be my Codex Vitae
  • the launch of
  • submit my HTTP Status Slack App to the directory!

and I’m still hoping to get in a better habit of writing at least a post a week.