I am really thankful for my job for a couple of reasons: a great team doing impactful work and a great set of folks in Vancouver whom I visit every quarter. April was characterized by some extremely hard work. I spent the better part of a week up in our Vancouver office and then came back to hell week for my wife at her startup. This meant parenting. By myself. A lot of it. For a week straight. Including weekends. I need a break.

Back at the beginning of the month I had committed to:

  • my redesign and conversion of pistevo.com to be my Codex Vitae
  • the launch of svenchen.com
  • submit my HTTP Status Slack App to the directory!

I did only the first of the things, but did manage to give a good set of features to the Slack App. I give myself an F- on goals for the month, but I give myself an A+ on being Dad so I think that makes up for it. Also, the Sharks lost in the first round of the NHL Playoffs so I’ve been generally depressed.

I made a huge switch this month from Sublime Text 3 to Visual Studio Code. A few weeks in I think I might actually keep VSCode around. Otherwise, I’ve been too tired and busy to think or really do anything and, quite frankly, I can barely write adult sounding sentences so I’m just going to give up.

By The Numbers

I spent 4 hours and 22 minutes doing weight and resistance training (2 more hours than in March), spent 2 hours going through a Ruby book to prepare for diving in to some projects later in the year, and spent a little over 2 hours writing code in the evenings. I spent a whopping 6 hours and 33 minutes running some 37 odd miles. Some of those miles were spent running near Sunset Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.

beautiful British Columbia

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Looking Ahead

We’re flying to Maui in about a week for a friend’s wedding so I have a really productive air travel block ahead again.

The Goals:

  • schedule 2017 track days (one requiring a flight and in someone else’s car)
  • actually submit my HTTP Status Slack App to the directory!
  • spend more time writing on my beliefs here
  • get my iRacing Class D Road Racing license