Back at the beginning of May I had committed to:

  • schedule 2017 track days (one requiring a flight and in someone else’s car)
  • actually submit my HTTP Status Slack App to the directory!
  • spend more time writing on my beliefs here
  • get my iRacing Class D Road Racing license

I managed to do none of these things. Not a single one. But… I feel great about it.

J and I went to Maui for a few days without the kids. I came back and I felt the pressure from my life disappear. Pre-Maui I would constantly stress about not being at work before 9am.1 I would rush the kids and make sure they knew they were making me late. Post-Maui I’ve been taking it easy. Getting in when I get in knowning that I would be working in the evening anyways. Turns out I was still getting in right around 9.

My stress level has dropped immensely and I hope it doesn’t translate to a lack of urgency or a decrease in work-ethic.

The other huge thing that comes back when I’m relaxed is my obsession with motorsports. I’ve been shopping for first generation Miata’s non-stop and the iRacing bug has bit really hard.

Resets are important. In video games. In life. In priorities. I’d like to take the next month to do a little priority reset for the rest of the year.

Looking Ahead

Well this month… I still have goals. I feel like I might as well continue the concrete ones I didn’t finish:

  • schedule 2017 track days
  • get my iRacing Class D Road Racing license

I picked up a new steering wheel stand which will hopefully reduce my lap times since I won’t be tightening the wheel back to the desk and using my left foot to keep the pedal board down. I might even venture in to training myself to left foot brake.

And to add some more:

  • draw more
  • write more
  1. There’s something rather non-sensical about this as I work at a tech company in San Francisco and the vast majority of people show up much later than this.