At the beginning of the month I told myself I would “set fewer goals and work towards finishing them”. I did this with some success at work. I declared jubilee on my on-desk to-do list. One of my coworkers noticed this and added fake to-dos involving poop and mindgames.

I would summarize July in a single word. Overwhelmed. Between work, family life, the wife’s busy job, church life, and trying to stay sane I just couldn’t keep up. It’s the middle of August and I’m still tired.

At the beginning of July I had set these goals:

I give myself a big fat F. I think I got through the first chapter of Speed Secrets, maaaaaybe got through one section of the React/Redux course, and I ended up finishing nothing.

The other day I lost my near perfect record of daily git commits to my github repos. I woke up somewhat disappointed because I had fallen asleep with my laptop on top of me. I was too tired and too sick of my Chromebook (more on this later) to keep going. And next thing I knew it was morning. I’m exhausted, I need rest, and I need some renewal and joy.

This Chromebook I’m currently typing on is no longer bringing me joy. I started this experiment as a way to figure out what cheap computing looks like. It actually looks quite good for less than $400. It’s lightyears ahead of where technology was, but as a shadetree web engineer, attempting to hack Ubuntu on to this Chromebook, plus the beta of Android Apps has left me wanting to cut the hacking and get something that just works. I’ll post my full review of the Lenovo Chromebook 13, but my new Macbook Pro arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait to switch back.

My goal for August remains:

  • set fewer goals and work towards finishing them

I wish you a restful and happy August. Cheers.