At the beginning… wait… middle of the month… I set some goals for myself. They were to…

  • dream more;
  • love more;
  • live more;
  • drink more; and
  • fucking ship something, dammit.

I’m pretty sure I did all of the above and in fact I probably over-indexed on number 4 because i don’t really remember swearing. If you look at my Github commit tile splash you’ll see that September was a ridiculously productive month for me. I wrote a shit ton of code (remember the not swearing, I’m 3 glasses of wine in to my night) and am thinking I can probably deliver a BETA-ish version of my new thang by the end of October.

What’s that you say? What thang?

I started thinking of something I’d want to launch this year. That thing had to be automotive related. That thing also had to be community related. 8… Eight… are you kidding me? EIGHT years ago I started working on an idea. The idea was a very niche marketplace that I thought was really important for me. Over the last 8 years I’ve written and re-written the web app for this marketplace in 3 different languages and 5 or 6 frameworks, never to deliver anything. At the end of the day I realized that I had a major hole in my idea. A marketplace needs a community. I didn’t have this community. I knew nothing about building communities.

Fast forward to today. I want to get good at building communities. Online, NOT online, remote, physical, work… communities. I have no idea how to do such a thing except in the context of $day_job. But actually, that experience is super relevant. So I’ve set out to learn how to build an online automotive community. It’s going to be hard because, quite frankly, these things already exist and are thriving. But I have a theory that it won’t be so hard because we can all rally around the fact that automotive news and journalism today is a steaming pile of horse shit.

Less is more. This is fact. I didn’t set hard goals for myself last month because I wasn’t getting anymore. So I set “less” goals. Vague ones. And it worked.

I dreamed more. I kid you not… as a grown ass man I haven’t thought about owning a supercar more than I have in the last month. Call it a mid-life crisis, but I haven’t realistically thought of the ways I could blow our family savings and pursue a career as a professional racecar driver as much as I have as within the last month. I haven’t thought of trading in my “family sedan” for a 993 as much as I have in this past month. (The math works. I should just buy a 911.)

Love more. I don’t know how to measure this, but I’ve certainly tried to enjoy the presence of friends and family more this past month. I’ve started to have this weird sense of my mortality and there’s a part of me that wants to hug and kiss my kids as much as I can every night before a) they won’t let me b) I won’t be around to. These are my people and I’ve learned to appreciate them more.

Live more. Ok. Let’s be real. What does this even mean? FAIL.

Drink more. I’m out of my Costco sized Bulleit. I’m out of cheap wine. My Nikka Coffey is quickly emptying. All of the Surly Brews that my brother-in-law trekked across the country for me are gone. I drank them. All. I calculated that the stash would’ve lasted me 4 months at my normal drinking rate. It didn’t. It’s gone. Hell yeah. I win.

FUCKING SHIP SOMETHING, DAMMIT. Did I mention how productive I’ve been? Fucking productive. Which leads me to…

October Goals:

  • ship a beta of a thang

I have 2 weeks left in this month to ship a BETA of my automotive community site to family and friends. If you believe the math that I tell Product Managers I work with the real timeline for this is 3 months. Add a digit and a unit: 2 => 3, weeks => months. There’s your real delivery date. But I’m close. And I’m productive. And we’re going to do this.