“Daddy, Daddy!”

I heard a familiar voice call to me and looked for a little boy to be running towards me. Earlier that morning, our 3-year old son had chanted “I don’t want to go to church” over and over and over again. I had just dropped him off at the church’s children ministry and slapped his check-in sticker on his back, trying to sneak away. I feared for the worst.

“Daddy! I want to give you a hug!”

I kneeled as he ran towards me and he gave me his classic full neck strangle hold and buried the corner of his block-shaped head in to my cheek. Then he ran off to play.

I sat in service thinking about how the metaphor of God, the Father really rings true. I don’t necessarily need my son’s love and I can’t demand it either. But his affection brings me the deepest joy and a reciprocal love that goes beyond just a relationship in name.

To be completely honest, I often don’t want to go to church. Like the little poopmonster, I want to stay in the comfort of my insular world. But sometimes what I simply need to do is to take a step back and say “God, I want to give you a hug” and show you my affection with faith like a child.