I spent a good bit of time this morning trying to clear my mind. It was full of to-dos, day-dreams, stressors. I sat and prayed for a blank slate and I got it in the form of a vision of light coming through the center of my brain, splitting and spreading so as to wipe away both logic and intuition hemispheres. That lightness then went from it’s horizontal axis to shine vertically and to scan as if it were an old tube television.

I have never thought very deeply about the metaphor of God as light until that moment. The obvious dichotomy is that these things are opposite. One can easily imagine the sun rising to bring light to the dark of night.

However, it occurred to me this morning that darkness has no power over light. It cannot fight it. There are no dark rays it can use to cast darkness. You cannot literally throw shade.

Darkness can try to hide… but where you bring light darkness has no choice but to vanish. Light defeats darkness wherever you bring it.