At the beginning of the year I set out a Five Year Plan. 2017 was supposed to be the year of:

  • authoring 500 words x 365 days
  • weigh in under 155 pounds
  • attend at least 5 HPDEs and get solo sign off at at least 2 tracks
  • launch a Slack App in the App Directory

I’m somewhat ashamed to say that none of these was or will be accomplished. However, I had a very specific 2018 goal that has been accelerated:

  • learn and ship a side project in Ruby on Rails

I’ve managed to rack up a decently full github tile backsplash this year. I’m proud of it. A fair amount of this was accelerated by a side project I started about 3 months ago and have managed to commit to and am slowly pushing towards a beta.

github tiles

I’m re-learning Ruby and Rails and it’s been awesome getting back in to building a product and fixing random bugs.

in good company today. #sonomaraceway

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I hit up Sears Point Raceway for the first time last month and have another few days lined up for next year. It’s an extremely intense track and I have always been afraid of it because of the lack of runoff room. I had a great instructor and had progressively faster lap times throughout the day. While I think I have a little more fun at Laguna Seca because it feels slightly safer, I can’t wait to go back and master what is possibly the most technical track in the nation.

My December goals are basically the same as my November goals with a cherry on top:

  • ship even more code
  • drive more Gran Turismo Sport
  • revisit my 5 year plan
  • finish the year strong