My goals this month were to:

  • ship even more code
  • drive more Gran Turismo Sport
  • revisit my 5 year plan
  • finish the year strong

My company surprised us with a new policy at the beginning of the month that manifested itself in a company shutdown between Christmas and New Years. I spent a ridiculous amount of time last week playing GT Sport and getting accustomed to my dream car, the Cayman GT4, in the simulation. This is pretty much the only thing I remember about this month aside from it being a really difficult month physically and from a work perspective.

I’m tired. Extremely tired. And that’s how I’m approaching the next year. I want it to be a year of rest and renewal as I truly head in to my mid-thirties. I’m drumming up another 5 year plan and I think it will be themed around investing more in myself.

I’ll be taking the next week to explore those plans, but I’m super proud of one thing I did accomplish in 2017: