2017 was a great year of productivity. I wrote words. I wrote code. I achieved goals. I got things done personally and professionally.

Then 2018 hit. Like an F-350 towing a horse trailer.

Taking the time once a month to reflect on what’s happened. ha.

Setting goals and achieving them. HA.

Having any semblance of sanity. HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

So here we are. Over the past few months I celebrated another birthday, notched another work anniversary, and notched a few more days at Sears Point. I was not productive. I was just plain busy. But the big thing that happened…

The Miata-ning

A little over 20 years ago i learned to drive in my dad’s NA8 Miata. my pops isn’t a car guy, but I was home from college when he sold it and I distinctly remember him staring in to the distance with misty eyes as our M-Edition drove away.

Fast forward a couple of decades and it’s time for me to find a car that I can track that I won’t be afraid of putting in to a wall. I had considered the E36 M3 and the venerable BIG Miata (C5 Z06), but a track instructor had convinced me otherwise. I missed the feeling of being so connected to a car. It’s only been a couple of months and I’m going to do bad things to its insides but I’m really enjoying being a Miata owner again.

I’ve always wanted a project car. And here she is…

Looking Forward

I have gotten in to a bit of a rut of frustration. I want to do more. I want to make more of an impact. I want to leave my legacy.

For my birthday my friends and coworkers pitched in to raise over $4,000 for New Story Charity. I matched $4,000 on top and we’ll be seeing some 3D printed homes for the impoverished in a few months.

I get recruiting emails… every. damn. day. VP of Engineering. Director of This. Ruby on Rails Developer That (LOL). But I’m pot committed to where I’m at. And I want to make an impact. My recent takeaways:

  • sometimes we glamorize big launches and amazing feats… but we ignore that going in and doing a really damn good job every day is just as heroic.
  • early in my career I asked myself daily if I had learned something. today I ask myself if I made a positive impact on someone.
  • the most effective thing you can do to expand your influence is to collect wins. focus and grow the size of those wins and your track record will become your best advocate.

I want to win like crazy and I want to make an impact on lives. And I hope to do more of that really soon.