I’m writing this re-cap from a luxury high rise in Linkou, Taiwan. The last few weeks have been completely insane.

That Miata I bought back in March was stolen at the end of May. Between getting on the phone with insurance, the awesome people at SB Garage, onboarding 3 new people to my team, and closing on an investment property in Atlanta, it seemed like life was just one overwhelming event after another. All the theft repairs finished on Wednesday afternoon so I grabbed the Miata on Thursday and stashed it in my work garage so we could fly out of the country on Friday.

I have spent much of the last week decompressing. I haven’t checked Slack. I have gone to bed early and haven’t needed an alarm clock. Instead of casting them off I’ve folded origami flowers with my daughter and let my son pretend he’s a monkey and climb all over me. I needed this 2 weeks away from everything. From work. From church. From social activities. From the house. From the simrig.

Sim – I built a gaming PC solely to run iRacing. It’s a fantastic setup running an Oculus Rift. It immediately made me a better driver in iRacing and immediately revealed to me I really need some high quality pedals. But I’m back in the saddle and couldn’t be happier to have a track practice setup in my living room. I am signed off to run in NASA HPDE3 now which felt like a huge success as I really wanted to pick up this driving hobby.

Reality – But the time is now to kick things back in to high gear. My 5 year plan needs a revisit. I have crossed some things off the list but it needs some slight modifications. And I want to get back in to setting goals, writing words, and writing code. It’s a new half year and I am looking forward to being a better everything… once I finish off this vacation.